Using the Polycom Video Camera in Classrooms

Using the Polycom video camera present a video of the instructor teaching, to record in-class lectures, or to live stream a class session.

Download the Using Polycom Video Camera user guide


In the Installed application, click your user icon and then Settings in the Microphone field select the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone  (Polycom Studio Video) under the Camera select Polycom Studio Video.

To find device settings in the browser app, join a meeting and select from the … icon in the control bar.

Teams Device Settings options

Using Zoom

Click the arrow next to the image of a Microphone and choose the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Polycom Studio Audio) under the Select a Microphone heading, Select the Crestron under Select a Speaker.

Zoom audio settings

To select a camera, select the arrow next to the image of a camera and select Polycom Studio Video.

Zoom camera settings

Using Kaltura (Recording Only)

Select the word Camera below the Camera icon and select the Polycom Studio Video from the list below the preview.

Kaltura camera settings

Select the word Audio below the Microphone icon and select Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Polycom Studio Audio) from the list below.

Kaltura audio settings


I don’t see the camera listed as an option.

Make sure the USB cable from the camera is connected to the Dock or the Teaching Station, whichever you plan to use.

The camera isn’t keeping up with me when I move in the classroom.

The camera focuses on your voice more than your image. If you plan to walk around the classroom, it may not follow you for a moment and then skip over to you quickly. If you have it pointed towards the students and multiple people are talking, it will pan out to a wider angle to try to get all the people talking in view.

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