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Here at Tennessee Tech we offer several different programs that are only online, making it convenient to do your program on your own time, while still being able to work.  We offer a wide range of programs from Engineering to Nursing.

Community Health and Nutrition 

  • Overview

    The School of Human Ecology offers a Master of Science in Community Health and Nutrition. Coursework in this program is online. The Community Health and Nutrition program has been granted candidacy for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), as a Future Education Model Future Graduate program, making it appropriate for those students who wish to become registered dietitian/nutritionists.

    This program is also designed to offer additional professional training for various community health professionals, including those who are already credentialed registered dietitian/nutritionists, educators, nurses, and others interested in nutrition related health information.

    The M.S. in Community Health and Nutrition will provide graduate course work to two audiences: (1) credentialed Registered Dietitians who seek a M.S. degree only and (2) students who seek both credentialing as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (Future Education Model Future Graduate program) and the M.S. Degree. The M.S. degree only in Community Health and Nutrition is a 30-hour degree program. The M.S. degree plus FEM FG program requires an additional 12 credit hours in experiential learning practicum courses. Each practicum course requires approximately 54 hours of experiential learning. In addition, approximately 30 hours of experiential learning is integrated into each didactic online course.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Overview

    Our department provides emerging teachers and current professionals access to a broad range of cutting-edge, high-quality programs and experiences.
    We are nationally accredited and serve as a real-time testing ground for new learning strategies, techniques, and technologies in education.

    The following concentrations are online/hybrid courses:

    Applied Behavior Analysis; MA/EdS

    Curriculum; MA/EdS 

    Early Childhood; MA/EdS

    Educational Technology; MA/EdS

    Elementary Education; MA/EdS

    Exercise Science; EdS

    Family and Consumer Science; MA/EdS

    Literacy; MA/EdS

    Special Education; MA/EdS

Engineering Management

  • Overview

    The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) is a 100% online, interdisciplinary program of study offered collaboratively by the College of Engineering and the College of Business.

    The degree is designed to provide early-career engineering and related professionals with leadership and management knowledge and technical skills to enhance their job performance, expand their career opportunities, and add value to their organizations. The focus of the program is on the management of technology-oriented projects, people, and organizations.

Exercise Science, Physical Education, & Wellness EXPW

  • Overview

    The focus of the program is to enhance professional skills in the selected area of study; therefore, coursework focuses on practical outcomes more than theoretical perspectives. Our graduates are equipped to provide high quality programs and to teach youth the importance and benefits of healthy lifestyles.

Masters of Accounting MAcc

  • Overview

    The first and only program of its kind in the state, the hybrid MAcc program was designed to allow students to simultaneously earn a Master's degree and sit for the Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) exam. The goal of the program is to prepare students for successful careers in accounting, with an emphasis on professional certification and fundamental business skills.

Masters of Business Administration MBA

  • Overview

    The MBA Program is designed to allow students to pursue a 100% online program for maximum convenience and flexibility.

    The core area of business studies is broad in scope for the purpose of developing general managerial competence through extensive use of various pedagogies such as case methods, simulations, and research projects. Electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student.

Masters of Science, Nursing

  • Overview

    The Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) is delivered following the standard protocol established for the delivery of online courses and programs. This program will prepare nurses to:

    • Teach in a variety of academic and practice settings;
    • Provide advanced nursing care to rural, urban, and underserved populations;
    • Practice in collaborative and interdisciplinary relationships;
    • Assume positions of leadership in the health care delivery system;
    • Contribute to the current and evolving body of nursing science; and
    • Continue study at the doctoral level.

    The purposes of the MSN Program are:

    • To increase access to graduate nursing education, especially for those nurses aspiring to teach in entry level nursing programs, manage professional practice work settings, and practice as advanced clinicians in a changing health care delivery system.
    • To maximize the effective use of technology for delivery of graduate-level instruction. Distance delivery through the use of technology will increase access to graduate education, especially in remote areas of the state and for practicing nurses for whom time flexibility is a critical resource.
    • To provide student access to web-based courses and degree programs. Web-based courses will reach populations not currently enrolled in graduate education, and will also permit students who are currently enrolled in on-campus courses to take additional courses, thus completing their programs sooner.

Masters of Professional Studies MPS

  • Overview

    The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) – This graduate professional studies degree consists of 30 hours of interdisciplinary coursework. This degree is available in several concentration areas and offers students the chance to complete a graduate certificate within each of the concentration areas:

    Healthcare Administration—provides the healthcare professional with leadership and strategic management tools to lead and serve one of the nation’s largest service industries. The focus of the program is to provide the healthcare professional with the opportunity to develop important skills in healthcare, leadership, finance, informatics, research and administration in the various components of healthcare delivery systems that include hospitals, nursing homes, group medical practices, personal care homes, retirement centers, health maintenance organizations, medical sales, and insurance companies. A graduate certificate is available in Healthcare Informatics for the Healthcare Administration students.

    Human Resources Leadership—prepares you for a leadership role in the area of human resources. The interdisciplinary approach is appropriate because of the many skills and knowledge areas that are needed for success in this field.

    Public Safety—provides the public safety professional with leadership and strategic management tools to lead and serve in one of the nations growing professions.

    Strategic Leadership—prepares you to lead in today’s rapidly changing professional environment. The interdisciplinary approach focuses on the areas of leadership, communication, strategic planning and assessment, organizational structure and research/data analysis.

    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)—prepares you to meet an ongoing demand for both initial preparation and continuing education for individuals who plan to teach or a currently teaching English as a second/foreign language in various educational settings.

    Training and Development—equips leaders for the growing and evolving field of workplace learning and performance. The program will prepare you to manage, deliver and assess on-site performance-based training, instructional design, and address the needs of human resource managers and other professionals who are increasingly relying on technology to deliver workforce education.

    Corporate Communication - prepares you to excel in the fast-paced professional environment that surrounds the communication field.  This program strengthens the corporate leader in developing organizational and interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills.

    Media and Strategic Communication - prepares you to lead in the exciting field are of media and communication.  The professional will acquire skills in the area of event planning and promotion, public relations, marketing, and other key communication areas.

    In addition, the MPS program offers a 15 hour Graduate Certificate within each concentration area allowing students to achieve an additional milestone en route to their degree.

Mechanical Engineering - Online is coming soon!

  • Overview

    Coming in 2023!  The online master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering is targeted toward professionals from industries who need the flexibility to balance full time employment with graduate studies. The degree will prepare the student with fundamental tools and expertise necessary to propel his/her current career to new heights and open doors for further advancement.  The curriculum for the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering may be completed in as few as 24 months and consists of 11 courses, or 33 credit hours, including an independent project course.  The admissions requirements for the online program are the same for the on-campus program.  Admissions criteria may easily be found under our degree program pages.

Professional Science Masters Environmental Informatics

  • Overview

    The PSM-EI degree focuses on geographic information systems (GIS), while integrating courses in business and statistics. Along with these courses in spatial analysis, students develop skills in remote sensing, policy analysis, and environmental management.

    Students work with faculty in a variety of departments including the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Note to Online Students Outside of Tennessee: Only residents of states approved by NC-SARA may apply for online courses. Please check and confirm that your state is eligible before applying.  It appears that all states except for California and the locations of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic do not recognize out of state degree programs.



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