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Graduate Student Master's Thesis/Final Project Award

Every November the Tennessee Conference of Graduate Schools (TCGS) recognizes the exceptional work of Tennessee graduate students.  To apply for this award, contact the College of Graduate Studies.  Applications are due to TCGS by December 1 each year. See this year's announcement!

Tennessee Tech Office of Career Development

The Office of Career Development is focused on connecting Tennessee Tech students and graduates to employers. Visit the Career Services website to learn more and to take advantage of the exciting services offered.

Career Readiness Certification

How can you be sure you’re ready to enter the world of work? By building your resume, interviewing, business etiquette, social media, and career fair readiness skills. All graduate students are encouraged to earn the Career Readiness Certification by attending workshops and events as outlined by the office of Career Development. This is a great way to build your resume!

Career Readiness Certification

Need your Tennessee Tech Transcript?

Tennessee Tech uses Parchment Ordering for the online ordering of your transcript.  To find out more or to order a copy of your Tech transcript visit the registrar's website.

Title IX and Title VI Training

Tennessee Tech requires that all Graduate Assistants complete the online Title IX and Title VI training modules within the first 30 days of the GA start date.  Links to the required training may be found at the Tennessee Tech Human Resources.

All Graduate Assistants should be aware of the FERPA requirements.

All Graduate students are encouraged to complete the online annual security awareness training modules.

Financial Literacy

The Tennessee Tech Library has licensed materials from Dave Ramsey to provide financial literacy class sessions upon request. Topics covered include savings, budgeting, and debt. To request a class, contact Sharon Holderman at

Need Something Translated?

The following website is a good resource for students who need something translated: Rev - Certified Translation for Immigration


Research is an integral part of the University and is broadly defined to include studies, investigations, and other scholarly and creative pursuits. Faculty involvement may be on an individual basis or as members of interdisciplinary teams. Many faculty include students in their research activities and are encouraged to do so.

The University's membership in research-oriented organizations compliments and enhances both faculty and student research opportunities. Among the organizations is Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

Since 1981, students and faculty of Tennessee Technological University have benefited from its membership in Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU). ORAU is a consortium of 96 colleges and universities and a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ORAU works with its member institutions to help their students and faculty gain access to federal research facilities throughout the country; to keep its members informed about opportunities for fellowship, scholarship, and research appointments, and to organize research alliances among its members.

Through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), the DOE facility that ORAU operates, undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, as well as faculty enjoy access to a multitude of opportunities for study and research. Students can participate in programs covering a wide variety of disciplines including business, earth sciences, epidemiology, engineering, physics, geological sciences, pharmacology, ocean sciences, biomedical sciences, nuclear chemistry, and mathematics. Appointment and program length range from one month to four years. Many of these programs are especially designed to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority students pursuing degrees in science- and engineering- related disciplines. A comprehensive listing of these programs and other opportunities, their disciplines, an details on locations and benefits can be found in the ORISE Catalog of Education and Training Programs, which is available at the contacts below.

ORAU’s Office of Partnership Development seeks opportunities for partnerships and alliances among ORAU’s members, private industry, and major federal facilities. Activities include faculty development programs, such as the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards, the Visiting Industrial Scholars Program, consortium research funding initiatives, faculty research and support programs as well as services to chief research officers.

For more information about ORAU and its programs, contact:

Francis Otuonye  
Associate Vice President of Research  
ORAU Counselor to Tennessee Technological University

Tennessee Tech Box 5036  
Cookeville, TN 38505  
Phone: (931) 372-3374  
Fax: (931) 372-6374  
Office Location: Derryberry Hall, Rm 305  


Monnie E. Champion  
ORAU Corporate Secretary  

There are identified units within the University that have a research component, and in some instances these units provide opportunities for student research focused in a particular area. One example is the Upper Cumberland Humanities and Social Sciences Institute. This interdisciplinary institute is designed to promote humanities and social sciences in the University and in the institution's service area through the Upper Cumberland Studies Program, funded research projects, and public service activities. Of particular interest are activities that deal with the Upper Cumberland region, promote interaction between various disciplines, and encourage cooperation between the community and the University.

Research is conducted in each division of the University, including the Centers of Excellence, and there are numerous opportunities for student involvement either directly on contracts and grants or on research assistantships. The University maintains Research & Economic Development which assists in the procurement of funds to support research.

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