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We have a library of resources available to faculty at Tennessee Tech. This includes books (physical and digital), IF-AT cards, Teaching Tip Cards, Technology checkouts, software recommendations, and more. 

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iLearn Faculty Power Users 

Find your College or School's iLearn Faculty Power User. 

  • Agriculture/Human Ecology

    Agriculture/Human Ecology 

     Department  Name  Campus Email
     Agriculture  Dr. Dennis Duncan

  • Arts & Sciences

    Arts & Sciences 

     Department  Name  Campus Email
    Biology  Dr. Richard Pirkle
    Biology  Dr. Shawn Krosnick
    Counseling & Psychology  Dr. Kevin Harris
    Counseling & Psychology Dr. Elizabeth Lisic
     Math  Dr. Michael Allen
     Math  Dr. Damian Kubiak
     Physics  Dr. Mary Kidd
     Political Science  Dr. Ronald McGauran
     Sociology Dr. Steven Seiler
    Sociology-Criminology/Criminal Justice  Dr. Makeela Wells
    Sociology-Criminology/Criminal Justice  Dr. Nicole Cook

  • Business 


     Department  Name  Campus Email
     Business  Dr. Richard Rand

  • Education 


     Department  Name  Campus Email
    Instructional Technology (C&I)  Dr. Jason Beach
    Instructional Technology (C&I) Dr. Cale Koester
    Instructional Technology (C&I) Dr. Sandi J. Smith-Andrews

  • Engineering


     Department  Name  Campus Email
     Computer Science  Dr. Rachel "Ania" Jennings
    Mechanical Engineering  Dr. Steve Canfield

  • Fine Arts

     Fine Arts 

     Department  Name  Campus Email 
     Art, Craft & Design   Dr. Bevin Butler
     Music   Dr. Jeff Womack

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

     Interdisciplinary Studies

      Department   Name   Campus Email 
    Communication  Dr. Scott Christen
    Communication  Dr. Jacob Metz 

  • Nursing


     Department  Name  Campus Email 
    Nursing  Dr. Bedelia Russell
    Nursing  Dr. Rachel Hall


Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Resources

Tennessee Tech holds an institutional membership to the OLC. The OLC is the premier resource and research organization for support of online education. The OLC provides Online Workshops, Webinars, Mastery Series, including an Online Science Labs Mastery Series for those in the lab-based disciplines and majors, to improve excellence in online teaching and learning. While some resources are free of charge, those that do require purchase can be purchased at the discounted institutional membership rate. In addition, often there is a reduced rate for the workshop or course if there are large groups who plan to register and attend simultaneously (5-10 or more participants), such as may be the case with your department or college. You can directly register for any of these resources through the Online Learning Consortium Website. Contact your Department Chair or School Director if you have interest in taking advantage of these professional development opportunities.


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