Zakary Henson

Zakary HensonZakary Henson in iMakerspace had his first encounter with Tennessee Tech as a high school senior at an Explorations in Engineering and Computing summer camp. Henson was able to have conversations with students and faculty, specifically the Dean and Professor of Engineering, Joseph Slater. This experience decided his future college track.

“If this is a school where I can do that and it can be casual,” Henson reminisces. “I think this is absolutely where I want to be.”

Little did he know that summer camp was just a glimpse into what he would accomplish at Tech.

Now, Zakary Henson is a junior mechanical engineering major with a concentration in mechatronics. Henson describes this major, with his specific concentration, to be a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering. Not only does he focus more on circuits and coding, but also robotics.

Henson explained, “I’m learning how to make the parts for the robot, but then also getting a good understanding of how to put the electronics in the robot to make it function and make it do its process.”

His interest in engineering started out from a very young age through playing with Legos. As he grew up, his interest never changed. Although he started out with a broad mindset eager to simply learn about mechanical engineering, it has now blossomed into a passion for prosthetic design.

“That’s always fascinated me,” he continues. “I truly believe that my background in mechanical engineering is going to be able to very well prepare me to go into that.”

Zakary Henson drawing his prosthetic design

As his academic career advanced, so did his social one. Henson is very involved on campus. He is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity as well as a campus tour guide, also known as a Trailblazer. He serves as the treasurer for the Engineering Joint Council within the Student Government Association and is the President of TTU Miracle, an on-campus organization that raises money for the Monroe Carell, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

“It’s just something I’ve always been passionate about,” he said of his involvement with TTU Miracle. “It’s something I started very early on in college, and I have just cherished every minute of getting to be a part of that.”

This past fall, Henson had the privilege to be nominated as Mr. Tennessee Tech candidate during Homecoming Week. Not only was he nominated, but he received the honor of becoming Mr. Tennessee Tech.

“It’s definitely the moment that I’m never going to forget from being here at Tech,” he declared.

Henson affirms his decision about choosing Tech.  

“Being involved here as a student on campus has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” he said. “I’ve grown so much as a person from having been here.”

He says his experience at Tech has helped him grow.

“The difference is just astronomical for me, you know, all the different people I’ve gotten to meet, all the different groups I’ve interacted with, and the opportunities that have come before me because of being a student here is just something I never would have had otherwise.” 

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